Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 24, 2010

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year! I hope to be doing some backwater fishing on the Pocomoke River for pickerel, crappie, yellow and white perch, and maybe a stray bass or two. If you are interested in a mid-winter fishing trip please drop me a line.


Stripers at the CBBT – 12/11/10

December 22, 2010
 Boy, has this been a cold, windy month so far! The winds are keeping the small boat, light tackle guys from fishing the CBBT, as we watch the water temperature steadily drop into the mid-forties. Seems like a repeat of last season, just without the snow. A bunch of us were finally able to get out yesterday and search for old linesides.
Jack McKennna met me in Salisbury, and the two hour drive to the CBBT went by rather quickly as we talked fishing and football. We arrived at the Wise Point boat ramp (I prefer it to Kiptopeake, less hectic) and in minutes we were steaming down the inland waterway towards the bridge. I decided not to waste time at the pilings, as the tide was roaring in and Jack, being a fly-fisher, would have difficulty getting the fly down into the strike zone. To the 4th island we went. We were greeted with cold water (45 degrees) and not much showing on the finder. We saw maybe two fish caught during two hours of hard fishing the island and surrounding pilings. A friend called with a report, of a rumor, of fish maybe being caught out near buoy four off Fisherman’s Island. Since we had some time, I decided to take a swing that way, looking for bird activity and warmer water. 
After about forty-five minutes of fruitless searching we found ourselves over at the third island. A couple of guides I know were huddled up so I eased in for a look-see. Was that ever a mistake! I immediately found myself surrounded by boats of all shapes and sizes with nary a fish showing on the meter. Not wanting to “make waves” so-to-speak, we just drifted with the crowd until we were out of the area. We went back and fished that area hard for about an hour with just one twenty inch striper to show for our efforts. Fish were showing on the finder but they were reluctant to bite.
Back to the fourth island where we started, and as the tide changed direction we picked up a fat 24″ rockfish on a five inch Bass Assassin. The meter was showing the fish were up off the bottom now! Another drift and Jack’s spinning rod took-on a sharp bend while line began peeling from the reel. After a good, hard battle a 33″, fifteen pound striper came over the side. Nice catch Jack – sorry it wasn’t on the fly rod.

Jack with his 33″ rock. A slot fish, she was released.

During the next hour we landed maybe eight rockfish in the 24″ to 26″ range, all very fat and full of fight. Then, like a switch had been flipped, the action shut-down as quickly as it started. Fish were still on the meter but no takers. That last hour saved the day, but over-all the fishing was rather slow for the CBBT in December.

False Channel stripers 11/19/10

December 22, 2010

I was fortunate to fish with long-time client and good friend Jack McKenna twice in the past ten days. Jack is an ardent fly fisherman, and just plain good company. We launched out of Madison on the Little Choptank and traveled to the mid-Chesapeake near the mouth of the Choptank river.  The False Channel held a good grade of stripers for us last Friday, with Jack’s biggest tugging the boga down to near eight pounds. With the wind and tide helping, Jack said that was the hardest fighting striper he had ever landed on his nine-weight! The fish was near as wide as it was long – probably full of bunker.

Jack with a fat eight pound striper on his nine weight    G. Loomis

Welcome to my fishing report blog

December 22, 2010

Welcome to the new fishing report blog of Josenhans Fly Fishing. We are a full-time fly and light tackle guide service fishing the Chesapeake Bay, and the coastal back bays of Maryland and Virginia.  I will try to keep these reports current and interesting to the best of my ability.  Please feel free to post your replies, questions and comments. Thanks and good fishing!

Capt. Kevin Josenhans